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Celebrating Jenna


The years move so quickly when things are good. The slowness comes when things are not so good. Today things are good and today was a celebration for Jenna’s birthday. I’m wondering how did she get to grow up into this lovely daughter of mine so quickly. Perhaps to her it doesn’t seem quick but when you stand where I’m standing, it’s lightening quick.

Her life is very busy now. She recently bought a new, lovely house. A house that she will enjoy for many years, sharing it with all her boys, both human and furry. It’s all put together now and watching her decorate piece by piece, sent me back to a time when Jim and I were just assembling our first house. Everything is new, neat, fresh and has it’s place. Of course she has the two “little ones”. My loves. They are no longer so little but neither are they grown up. So when she is not at work, she is at sporting events, school events and she has just taken on the challenge of being head of the PTO. I remember doing those things also. I lasted a year with the PTO. I hope she beats me at that record. The point of all of this is that we hardly ever get any alone time anymore, just to be girls and friends, talk and laugh, as two adults. Usually, it’s family events, kids events or some other engagement with other people. So, I thought to myself, why not make her birthday really special. Sneak off together for an afternoon that I was hoping would build on her memory bank of other adventures that we shared as she was growing up, another lasting memory for years to come. Anyone can wrap a gift but my feeling is gifts are often lovely in the moment but as time moves on they are sometimes quickly forgotten. I’m into memory making. That is what my blog is about and also my photography. So here is what we did. We dressed up. We went to Boston. I made us reservations at the Taj Hotel (formally the Ritz hotel) for a special book signing event and Sunday brunch. When we arrived, the bell hop popped over in his very fine signature attire and opened the doors and whisked the car away. Nice. The event was held on the 17th floor where views of the city were gorgeous. The weather was on our side so we were able to enjoy being outside for part of our day. I was once again reminded that no matter how much we plan, the world has a way of injecting itself into our lives and adds a dimension that is really quite unexpected and delightful sometimes. The food was over the top delicious and the presentation beyond comprehension. Do you want to take a peek?

Sunday walkers crossing over the Charles River.

Sunday walkers crossing over the Charles River.

Of course there was much more food. An omelette station, Belgium waffles, salads of so many varieties, coffee , tea, juice and Prosecco, a fine, light bubbly wine. Unlimited. I think that is where the world unexpectedly injected itself. We were having such a good time, meeting another mother and daughter at the next table. All was very festive and somehow our glasses always seemed to be half full. When it came time to leave we got our books signed and hugged our new friends. Both Jenna and I declaring it a great day.

We rode down the elevator of which I am usually petrified to be in but today it didn’t seem so bad. When we hit the street it was so nice we decided to walk for a bit before heading home. Little did I know that Jenna also had a surprise for me. “Let’s take a look in Tiffany’s” she said. I don’t shop Tiffany’s but I do like to look and I know she loves it. Their little turquoise boxes are so adorable and what do you know, the minute we stepped through the door along came a gentlemen dressed in his uniform…(lots of stores dress their people LOL) and low and behold he is carrying a tray with two glasses of champagne on it, walking straight towards us. Thank you, Sir. I’m a one wine drinker so I was already over my limit. Well without going into specifics let me just say, we both walked out of there with turquoise boxes, each with a heart on a lovely, lovely chain. Mine is black onyx and Jenna’s is jade. She declared that we are “heart to heart” but different. So very true. Sometimes she is so much like me it’s scary but quite often she is so much her own person…but together we are “heart to heart”. Thank you Jenna for this lovely gift as a remembrance of your special day.

So her birthday turned out to be quite a day. I don’t know how soon we will be able to grab another Mother/Daughter day but while I wait for the next event I know for sure, that this day, this birthday, we made some very good memories. That is what the day was really all about. So I lift my glass to kids both big and small…to family, whatever it looks like for each of us. I hope in some small way memories are always being made in whatever disguise you find them. Enjoy each other, it’s what gets us through the “messy days” according to Jenna. I think she is right.

Happy Fall my friends…


All photos were taken with the Fuji XT-2 using the Fuji 35 .2 lens

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