Independence Day

Independence Day...I know we celebrated that a few days ago. Until this year I always thought of independence day as the 4th of July...with cook-outs, family and fireworks.  It also marks the real beginning of summer for me.  For us, as well as probably for all of you, that's also what comes to mind when you think of Independence Day...

This year I have a new theory.  After spending the last few months designing my own web page here on Squarespace, it is now launching day.  I started thinking of a title for my first post that would explain how I feel about this journey, this project that has taken me such a long time to complete and to be really honest, it's not complete yet.  Still so much to learn but with the help of my teacher and Jim, when needed, I will get there...Yes, I have been taking a class called Squarespace 101.  My teacher is Kerstin Martin and I could not have done this without her help.  You see I'm not really good with figuring out this computer jargon. For awhile though I have been thinking about wanting to change my blog format and I had no clue as to  how to do it because I did not set up my first blog completely on my own and I picked a very simple template the first time around, because of that. I couldn't change it to make it pretty and more up to date. Then along came Kerstin and I knew I had to try.  So here I am.  My new web-site that I can change all around whenever I want.  Change the font, colors, photo's.  I now have galleries and social media buttons and beautiful headers for my pages. You can even check out my Instagram feed from here and it changes each time I post to IG. What a joy.

When the 4th of July arrived, Independence Day, I knew that would be my title...I went and looked up the definition of independence...and there it was, the state or quality of being independent.  Freedom from the control, influence, support, aid or the like, of others.  Freedom that was it.  I no longer have to depend on anyone to help me display this blog.  I know for awhile it will be a new learning process but I also know now, that I can do it.  So often in my life I have had to rely on others because I just didn't have enough faith in myself to move forward.  I honestly believe that since turning 70 this year, I've just decided to jump in and hope for the best.  That's what I did here...with lots of help to get started but poor Kerstin, she needs a break from me.  I cannot tell you what a great feeling it is to accomplish something that seemed so daunting.  I'm excited to learn the rest, make changes and yes, most likely make lots more mistakes but it's all o.k. I finally get it...it's o.k. to make mistakes but it's not o.k. not to try.  I'm really proud of this page and I look forward to sharing so much more with you here.  I want this new page to be about new things...it will still be a very personal page for me...a diary of sorts for my kids and grandchildren but I want to share with you all the other things in my life that I love...books, people I meet along this road called life.  We can talk camera's and settings, still life and street photography.  I'm excited to get started...Now if only I could find the spell check on this page...that would be good.  It has to be here somewhere.

At the end of it all, I also have to give a huge thank you to Jim...he keeps me grounded when I go a little nutty because I can't figure something out.  He always lets me run everything by him a hundred times before I get it right.  He so much smarter than me with the techie stuff.  He is the one who gives me the confidence to keep on going when sometimes, after a long day, my mind is like mud and I just want to quit.I think even he might have learned a few things but don't expect him to be blogging anytime soon. I think he's going to want to take a rest from me and my endeavors and get back to working on his own projects...but honestly, he was wonderful and Jim, I know you read my blog even though you never comment...so thank you for all the support with this little challenge.  I love keeping you busy and always having a challenge for you...o.k. you can have the summer off...I'll even take you for a few beers...perfect payback for you...

So, please, come along for the ride..Let's have tea together and talk about all the good stuff.  I want this to be a place where you know when you come, you will either learn something, laugh or just chat as if we were sitting at my kitchen table...heck, maybe I'll toss in a few recipes on here from time to time...and no worries, the boys will be stopping by also...what would my blog be without them. The loves of my life.

So take a look around...click on every page and also the IG photos, then sign up to get an e-mail each time I have a new blog post. My favorite page is the contact page...I knew that pink phone would come in handy some day...then stop by often. I'm going to try to keep a regular schedule here.  

So for now, I wish you all a wonderful summer, maybe a challenge or two...and lots of fireworks.  Don't ever think you can't, because you can...true story.

Going forward I'm going to think of myself as diamonds in the sky...Just sparkling for the rest of my days...