Squarespace Love


Such a dull, grey day here today in New England...I dislike it when the leaves have fallen and the clock jumps back. It's the time of year when we go into the grey season...you know...not much sun, cold, naked trees, and brown grass. Later we will get some snow to lift our spirits and that will be nice but then again, when the snow leaves us, grey season returns and leads us into mud season...so sometimes we need a bit extra to keep us going. Something different perhaps this year...so I thought I would tell you a bit about my new blog...many of you have visited and for that I am thankful.  Some of you have asked how and why I decided to do a new blog...you thought my other squarespace blog was fine.  And it was, but the problem for was that someone else did it for me and I had no idea how to change it up when I got bored.  So one of my goals for 2017 was to create my own blog...a blog that I could change whenever i wanted to, whether it was the design or just the font style or color...bascially I wanted it to stay the same but with a twist.

Now I was not naive enough to think that I could do this one on my own...so I started to do some research and through that research, I stumbled up Kerstin Martin, a squarespace designer and web site builder.  No, I didn't ask her to build me a web-site, but I did sign up for her square-space 101 class.  Honestly, it was the best gift I have given myself lately.  So even though I didn't learn in a few weeks, it took me a bit longer, I did learn.  I have been slowly posting here at my new home and little by little I'm learning to put it all together.  Here's the good news though, if something comes up and I can't figure it out...I just pop off a note to Kerstin and in a very timely manner, she gets back to me, and any other student for that matter, and before you know it, I have my answer.  I love my site, I love the photo format and I love that I understand some of the language of the web so much better.  It a nice feeling knowing you have accomplished something that you've been wanting to do for a long time but didn't even know where to begin.

So I want to pass Kerstin's information along to all of you in case now, or in the future, you have a desire to build your own web-site.  Actually it was a bit of fun once I got going.  I had all the materials given to me right away...there was no time limit to get your blog done, as it was self paced...each student was on her/his own schedule.. Some finished up quickly, I was not in that group, but finish we all did.  We have the material for a life time, we also have Kerstin for a life-time.  I'm laughing because I bet she would roll her eyes to hear that...but its true.  I've taken a lot of classes over these last few years and I know  a good and sincere person when I meet one.  Kerstin has never disappointed.  So, when the new year rolls around and you are looking for something to get you through the grey/mud season...check her out.  While your at it, for those of you, who only have read my blog posts, please check out the entire blog here.  Maybe just to see what I'm about if you don't know me that well...check out my About Page and my Home page...how about the Instagram photos that run along the bottom of my page.  Did you know that they change each time I post to IG all by themselves, because that's the way I set them up, I just love that. 

So when the seasons change, so will my home page photo...guess why?  Ha, because now I know how to do it...I love blogging.  It's like a diary for me.  I've always kept one you know but this is a diary with photo's...someday I hope my kids and my grandsons will read this and know how much they were loved...and I can even add video's to this.  I need to try that.  Maybe next time...you know why right...yes, because I know how to now.

So check out squarespace and then check out Kerstin at Squarespace 101.  Also, you can see her work on her Instagram site.  Just check out her Instagram site @kerstinmartin. It's a beautiful stream of work.  Do it for the fun of it.  If you've been thinking about it...now is a good time because Kerstin gave me a code that I can share with all of you here for 50% off her classes.  Just sign up and add the code CHERYL50.  How cool is that. That code is good until the end of this year...then bye bye. If you have any questions, just contact me and I'll help you out...

So until the sun shines again, bright and warm, and the days are longer once more...I will be right here playing with my new Squarespace space...please stay in touch.  I love all your comments.  Every one is appreciated...Now all I need to learn is how to have a virtual tea party as we chat here...maybe someday Kerstin will come and be my guest writer.  She is wonderful to listen to...I'm sure you will love her.

The photo above is from my blog post: Let's Make a Difference, posted on October 24. You can find it in my blog archives above.. I hope that my blog makes a difference for all who visit here.  I sure do enjoy your company and comments.  They make a difference for me..so keep them coming.

The above photo was taken with the Fuji XE-2, Fuji lens 18-55. Oh how I love those boys.

As an extra today...I'm including this link entitled Books for A Living. I found it to be a bit interesting...enjoy, until we meet here again...